Magen Passion Postcard 8: Shiva and Shakti


The apricot-coloured magen was built around the statue of Shiva and Shakti that adorns the walls of the Lakshmana Temple, in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India.


photo source

The background photo of “King David’s Palace, City of David, Jerusalem” was taken by Deror Avi, Elef Milim project, 2013.

photo source

There was an appeal in the contrast of rounded, sensuous stones in the foreground and a kind of digital arrangement in the background. However, the photo was cropped to remove the shaded area and an orange rounded rectangle frame added.

The divine couple were then placed inside the intimate shadows of the King’s Palace, as seemed most appropriate.

Shiva, Shakti, Shatkona

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