Magen Passion Postcard 6: Pink Magens


This postcard began with the small ocher stones with human engravings, dated to 77,000 years ago. (See Ancient beginnings of the hexagram.)

photo credit: Cheryl Carlin via SmithsonianMag

Triangular elements and a hexagonal shape were “cut out” from the photo and combined to create a “prehistoric” pink magen, with the downward triangle resembling a female pubis and the upward possibly a phallus.


The background photo is from the Elef Milim project, taken by Nir909 and Neta, and showing a statue in the grounds of St. George’s Cathedral, Jerusalem, 2008.

photo source

The photo was slightly cropped to focus on the flower hedges and emphasise the resemblance between the pink magen and the flowers. The heavy weathering of the statue also helped to suggest the antiquity of the design elements. One larger and three smaller magens were placed around the statue, completing the circle of flowers surrounding this lovely meditative statue.

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