Magen Passion Postcard 5: Anemone forest


This postcard was originally inspired by photos of anemones with six-pointed symmetry, taken at the Tel Aviv Zoological Garden as part of the second Elef Milim project trip in 2007.


source of above thumbnail photos

These photos were taken by MathKnight  and Zach Evener and a little research uncovered an earlier photo of the red anemone that was perfect for making a “flower magen”.

photo source

The result came to look like this:


A second source of inspiration was a wonderful photo of a forest with a sea of red anemones, this time as part of the Israeli Pikiwiki project. The photo was taken by  רותי רוטשטיין (Ruthie Rothstein) and described as “Plants of Israel”, 2007.

photo source

This is an extraordinarily beautiful photo, with its layers of colour and tree lines stretching from foreground to background and with the light streaming in from above into the resulting corridors. The main simple themes of red and green were tempting to exploit.

Accordingly, a green version of the “flower magen” was created and these red and green magens were scattered across the forest, some larger, some smaller, some closer up, some more distant, and a few hiding behind the main tree line.

The result is a burst of joy in the colours red and green and an appreciation of the harmony between natural and man-made things.

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