Magen Passion Postcard 2: Grey logo, Tel Aviv


This postcard began with a photo from the Elef Milim project, taken by Yiftah-s, and described as “Wikipedians tour in the abandoned colony of Har-Tuv, Jaffa – A view from Gan haPisgah”, 2011. The photo is actually a view of Tel Aviv, as seen from Jaffa.

photo source

The photo was cropped to remove the foreground and focus more on the Tel Aviv scene. A grey Magen Passion logo was added, using colours from the clouds for the grey and from the beach sand for the yellow centre.

Tel Aviv is a very modern city and its links to Judaism, ancient or modern, are subtle as is suggested by the muted colours of the star of David overlooking the scene.

Magen Passion Postcard 3: Mt Eitan Xmas tree

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