Magen Passion Postcard 12: broken dream


The two main photos used for this postcard came from the Elef Milim project tour of Beit El, 2017, both taken by Daryag.

photo source

photo source

The first and main photo is taken from inside the archaeological site associated with Bethel, the location of the Biblical event known as “Jacob’s dream” (Genesis 28) in which God promises Jacob the land of Israel to the people of Israel. On the skyline of the photo can be discerned the “Lift Your Eyes Observation Tower”, at the top of Mount Beit El (Jabel Artis). The second photo, taken at that tower, has an Israeli flag, apparently shredded by the wind. This flag was extracted and placed on the hill top of the first photo, to emphasise its presence as seeming to be “in heaven”.

To fulfil the saying “as in heaven, so on earth”, a torn up star of David is placed in the foreground of the photo to represent a shredded dream. The following grunge-style photo was used:


photo source

Unfortunately, the nearby Israeli settlement of Beit El has been a locus of conflict both externally (between Israel and the international community) and internally (between left and right factions within Israeli politics). With the entire archaeological and settlement complex located adjacent to the northern fringe of Ramallah, the principal Palestinian town, the prospect of it remaining under Israeli sovereignty is currently remote.

Given that Israel is accused even of a Judaization of Jerusalem, it is hardly likely that its historical claims to the Beit El area would be treated seriously. For now, Jacob’s dream must remain but a broken dream.

Though, perhaps with a little scarring, the star can be reconstituted:


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