Magen Passion Postcard 10: female triangles


The background photo shows a “Terracotta Figurine, Naked Woman, pottery, 2nd half of 2nd millennium BC”, the photo taken by Deror Avi, Elef Milim project, 2010, curtesy of the National Maritime Museum in Haifa.

photo source

This figurine has strong V shapes above the breasts and at the bikini line, ideally suited to mirror the shapes of the “female triangles” in the magen.

The blue and yellow Taoist themed Magen David was inspired by Pablo Picasso’s erotic art, especially this lithograph from Suite 156 titled “Casa Tellier. Grupo De Chicas Y Degas Mirando.” and completed in the two years preceding the artist’s death in 1973.


photo source

The six “female triangles” making up the outer hexagram are highly stylised depictions of the female pubis on a ring of pubic hair. The result is quite abstract and consistent with that tendency in Taoist art.

This postcard is complemented by the red and green “male circles” yang version of the magen, which also uses elements from this same Picasso lithograph.

Magen Passion Postcard 11: male circles

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