Magen Passion Postcard 1: Black and Gold


This postcard began with a photo from the Elef Milim project, taken by Deror Avi, and described as “Dome of the Rock from Dominus Flevit Church”, 2009.

photo source

An elliptical crop was applied to the photo and set within a black rectangular frame. A black Magen Passion logo was then added, with the centre matching the dome colour.

This postcard intends to bring together the three Abrahamic monotheisms by harmonising the colours and shapes. It also intends to symbolise the way in which modern Judaism keeps a watchful eye on the two more populous developments or “offspring” of ancient Judaism.

Modern Israel provides her “children” with a respect for and protection of their religious worship that the “children” have often failed to provide their own “mother” in the past.

Magen Passion Postcard 2: Grey logo, Tel Aviv

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