Alain de Botton: a temple for atheists

At last night’s meeting on Marx, Freud, Nietzsche, mention was made of the efforts of Alain de Botton to create a kind of church or religion for atheists. One aspect of this effort is his plans to build a temple expressing ideals that are precious even to atheists. De Botton has a website dedicated to his book Religion for Atheists and the temple idea is prominent there.

This temple idea was much discussed in early 2012 in articles in The Guardian here and here, in The Telegraph here, in The Daily Mail here, and in The SMH here. Specialist architecture and design e-zines also covered the story: Dezeen here and Co.DESIGN here.

While visiting the Dezeen article, I couldn’t help but notice a wonderful array of religious buildings featured there. Here are two very contrasting styles:

Ulm Synagogue

fairy tale house

You can view an image of de Botton’s proposed tower here (via Co.DESIGN).