Yuval Harari: 21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Here are the contents and chapters of Harari’s latest book:


Part I: The Technological Challenge

1. DISILLUSIONMENT – The end of history has been postponed

2. WORK – When you grow up, you might not have a job

3. LIBERTY – Big Data is watching you

4. EQUALITY – Those who own the data own the future

Part II: The Political Challenge

5. COMMUNITY – Humans have bodies

6. CIVILISATION – There is just one civilisation in the world

7. NATIONALISM – Global problems need global answers

8. RELIGION – God now serves the nation

9. IMMIGRATION – Some cultures might be better than others

Part III: Despair and Hope

10. TERRORISM – Don’t panic

11. WAR – Never underestimate human stupidity

12. HUMILITY – You are not the centre of the world

13. GOD – Don’t take the name of God in vain

14. SECULARISM – Acknowledge your shadow

Part IV: Truth

15. IGNORANCE – You know less than you think

16. JUSTICE – Our sense of justice might be out of date

17. POST-TRUTH – Some fake news lasts for ever

18. SCIENCE FICTION – The future is not what you see in the movies

Part V: Resilience

19. EDUCATION – Change is the only constant

20. MEANING – Life is not a story

21. MEDITATION – Just observe

Here are some pdf (via plain text) versions of Harari’s latest book:

Yuval Noah Harari-21 Lessons for the 21st Century (full book)

Harari-21-Lessons-intro-ch1a – Introduction, Disillusionment (7k words)

Harari-21-Lessons-ch9a – Immigration (5k words)

Harari-21-Lessons-ch10a – Terrorism (4k words)

Harari-21-Lessons-ch11a – War (4k words)

Harari-21-Lessons-ch12a – Humility (5k words)

Harari-21-Lessons-ch13a – God (2k words)

Harari-21-Lessons-ch20a – Meaning (15k words)

More to follow ..