Jordan Peterson: Maps of Meaning

Jordan Peterson began work on the book Maps of Meaning (MoM) back in 1985 and the book was published in 1999.

A free pdf copy of the book is available here: Maps of Meaning PDF

MoM book page at Peterson’s website: Maps of Meaning

Three Excerpts from Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief (half a dozen pages containing Peterson’s core messages)

For two decades, Peterson ran a course by that name at the University of Toronto. The 13-part lecture series based on the book was broadcast by TVOntario in 2004. Since then, there have been a few versions of his course available on YouTube.

The 2004 TVO lecture series begins here: 1 Monsters of Our Own Making
(28 minutes, with text and graphics edited into the lecture video, 13 lectures in all)

The latest (2017) version of the lectures is currently linked to at Peterson’s MoM page and the videos start here:

2017 Maps of Meaning 1: Context and Background
(2.5 hours, without editing, 12 lectures in all)

Peterson recently made an audio version of the book which he hopes will make it more accessible.

A sample of the reading is here: 23 minutes from Maps of Meaning

A good brief introduction for beginners is this 2011 TEDx talk:
Jordan Peterson | “Redefining reality in 6min” | TEDx (10 mins)



Further resources as they become available …

Slaying the Dragon Within us (2002 Big Ideas talk, 56 mins, good introduction to the MoM lecture series)

Bishop Barron on the Jordan Peterson Phenomenon (11mins, good overview with references to Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung and a brief statement of the theologian’s concerns with all three writers)