Eve and the Serpent


Anne will lead a discussion of the Genesis story of Eve and the serpent, with a special eye to the Gnostic interpretation.

Research resources as follows:

Adam, Eve, and the serpent / Elaine Pagels. The Introduction and first chapter are available here: PagelsAdamEveSerpentChapter1

For a gnostic perspective, see: Stephan A. Hoeller: The Genesis Factor

Other tales about feminine curiosity: Lot’s wife, Pandora, Psyche, Bluebeard

State Library directions for newcomers:


Books requested:

offsite: Adam, Eve, and the serpent / Elaine Pagels.

onsite: several illustrated Blake books

Image information:

William Blake: Eve Tempted by the Serpent (detail)

Full image here:

Further images:


Eve and the Serpent, illustration from a 15th century German bible, via Discarding Images

Minoan snake dancer

art deco bronze snake charmer

One thought on “Eve and the Serpent

  1. I have an identical bronze statuette of Eve and the Serpent and notice that the hem of her gown seems to be signed ‘Naomi Irell’ although this is faint and difficult to read. I would love to know more about her if anyone can help?

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