Whitehead studies

A new page devoted to the Whitehead studies group has been put up here: Whitehead Studies.


2 thoughts on “Whitehead studies

  1. Hey, how are you, remember me? Are you taking the Futurelearn Hamlet course? I haven’t been posting but I’ve been enjoying it anyway. Just saw the other course you’re taking on mystical philosophy, I’m booked (overbooked) but it looks good. I have Kierkegaard coming up some time in the Fall, I think, Corpus Linguistics about to start, a Whitman course, a second Whitman course (’tis the year, new edition coming out), and three count ’em three math courses. Plus a course on constitutional law. I just mentioned “dancing” in a tweet the other day, thought of you, and saw your name on my stats so came by to say hi.

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