Jesus back in town

Two fascinating articles on the return of Christian theism to the universities:

Nathan Schneider: The New Theist

Yoram Hazony: The Christian Alternative Resurrected: Why Can’t Jews Do That?

Hazony is commenting on Schneider but both articles are worth a read.


2 thoughts on “Jesus back in town

  1. Hey Anne, didn’t quite know where to put this, but I wanted to say your posts on the Coursera (Art) really got me thinking. Thanks for being there and speaking your mind. Not sure if those forums continue or what.

  2. Thank you, Airren, I appreciate that. I’m guessing the forums for that art course will close down shortly after the course ends. I must say that the course has opened up in me a hell of a lot of questions that I didn’t realise were lurking there under the surface. It’s been mind-expanding in ways I hadn’t anticipated.

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