Peck: The Road Less Travelled

Here is a short excerpt from M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Travelled (via Amazon‘s “Look Inside!” feature):



Edit 6jun: I have now found a longer excerpt from The Road which includes the above shorter excerpt. It is here: Faith: Blind, Empiric, and Divine.

The book’s title derives from a poem by Robert Frost: “The Road Not Taken”.


3 thoughts on “Peck: The Road Less Travelled

  1. Hello, Anne, Im Debora from Course of Art (Coursera). Thank you for helping me, you are very kind. I’ll be back to visit your page as soon as I have free time! Greetings from Brazil!

  2. The protagonists parents attempt to slay the collective unconscience called god to create “ragnorak connection” where all humans who have every exist will have their egos joined together in a single existence where evil will not exist and the living will be united with the dead.

    The magic system and character backstories are complicated

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