WC Smith: philosophia as religious tradition

I have been researching the writings of WC Smith for the purposes of the coming PhiloSophia meeting on “The Zero Within the All”. I came across an essay dating back to 1984 and titled “Philosophia as one of the Religious Traditions of Humankind”. The essay appears as a chapter in Smith’s Modern Culture from a Comparative Perspective (Ch 3) and also in editor Kenneth Cracknell’s Wilfred Cantwell Smith: A Reader (Ch 8).

I have made this essay/chapter available to PhiloSophia members as well as some friends who are not members. The casual reader might like to look at the partial preview available via Amazon’s “Look Inside!” feature at Smith’s Modern Culture …

I would invite anyone who reads this – and especially who likes this – to comment here.

Thank you!


One thought on “WC Smith: philosophia as religious tradition

  1. The Zero Within the All – PhiloSophia

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